In comparison to other active sports or hobbies, the cost is not too highs.
While doing PADI Open Water Diver course, the minimum you need is swimming trunk or swimsuit. Untill you will decide to buy your own scuba diving set, we will rent to you our equipment for free!
Almost anywhere where the water is, from swimming pool to the ocean, including “stops” like quarries, rivers, lakes etc. For more information visit “Diving sites” in our website.
It`s not difficult to learn dive, like in other sport activities you need time and some effort. There are certain number of exercises for each course which you will learn! If the standard of training devoted to lesson number you will find insufficient, then you will be offered in addition to free lessons!
Learn to scuba dive can be more quickly than it might seem. Typically, regardless of where you do the training it takes three or four days up to six weeks, depending on how often you meet with your instructor. It is very important to take seriously the training process. Obtaining a certificate does not indicate on your skills, is required for both the diving experience and in addition to self-education. Divers experience can be judged not by the dozens, but several hundred dives and their complexity.
If you are in good physical shape and feel safe in the water, most likely you will successfully learn the PADI Open Water Diver (OWD) course.
Scuba diving gives you a unique opportunity to try their hand, to get confidence in themselves and feel the changes in your life. Successful training is based on your and instructor co-operation. Please feel free to ask questions that arise during training, because even a minor or incomprehensible question may later lead to complications during diving. Be wary of offers to acquire diving short period of time and at a low price. During training there should be pretty much repeated exercise. Learning requires a minimum of nine dives. We do not count dive times, but work until the student has mastered the skills and exercises can be carried out without fault.