Dive sites

DAHAB, Egypt

One of the best known dive sites in the world – a paradise for divers, diving Mecca. Divers come here from all over the world to enjoy the quiet and relaxing atmosphere, turquoise Red Sea water, wind, and peace. Dahab is located 80 km from Sharm El Sheikh, in Aqaba Gulf coast.
Dahab in local language means gold, the city name is made by ​​Bedouins who were touched to heart by the Dahab golden sands – golden city in the deserts. The oldest part of the city covering the coast: on the one hand it has a beach with beautiful underwater coral reefs, which starts right from the shore, but on the other – hotels, fish restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops line. The word “peace” is the key word of this town. Life in this sleepy oasis is managed calmly and deliberately. In Dahab you can adjust to everything amazingly fast: view to Saudi Arabia across the Gulf, the camels, who’s walking down the street, and the sun, which shines without a break. There is a mysterious magnet in the heart of Dahab with a incredible strength.

Ras Abu Galum

Dive site is located 8.5 km north of the Blue Hole. There is an exclusive chance to get to the dive site by camel – travel time takes almost two hours but accessing this site by car from Dahab is virtually impossible, the road leads along the sea coast – rocky and with very steep slopes. Here is the most beautiful and colorful underwater world. Underwater landscape impresses with its wide variety of coral strains, which is the main pride of this divesite. Entrance to the water and start diving takes place at the location where splits reefs, sandy slope begins, which leads the way for divers to fantastic coral gardens – as a multi-storey house, which is distributed in the breakdown of each coral on your floor – fire coral, white coral towers, many different species of fish living coral reef underwater world created a multi-storey house. Average depth – 20 meters. Divesite offers two luxurious underwater routes: South Ras Abu Galum and North Ras Abu Galum.

El Bells – Blue hole

The most popular and favorite diving route in Dahab and even in the Red Sea. There are small and cozy Bedouin restaurants situated in the coast, which allows divers to escape from the scorching sun and wait for dives into the depths of the Red Sea. El Bells – water entrance is a bit complicated. Upon entering the water, is a swim through the chimney, through which descending down, up to 26 meter mark. One wall is partially uncovered, from which is revealing a breathtaking view of the open sea. At 26 m depth there is a 7 meters wide arch – a ringing bell, which we pass through and continue to drift along the coral wall towards the Blue Hole. Blue Hole – reef starts from 2 meters in depth and stretches into the sea. In the middle of the reef is about 150 meters wide hole – a funnel, which go deep down, reaching 110 meters mark. That is what excites deep divers. Hole has many reef exits into the sea. At the edge of the reef depth increases from 2 to 7 meters. Only a very small reef separates the Blue Hole from the open sea. The first exit to the open sea is at 52 meter mark. Breath floats while swimming over this legendary Blue hole. Edge of the reef is overgrown with coral and it is a home of many colorful fish species. Octopus, trompetfishes and also turtles looks to the divers, who take time to enjoy the legends, stories and positive emotions exuberant dive site. The Blue Hole is a pretty difficult place for diving, which took the lives of countless tech divers, as shown by the memorial plate on the rock wall at the reef coast.

Canyon (Kanjons)

Entrance in the water is very simple . Diving began in a wonderful lagoon, about 3 meters deep, on a view of the open sea. In the lagoon you can find crabs, sea hedgehogs, and various species of fish. Sandy canyon starts from 12 m depth and is going down up to 54 meters. Canyon itself is slightly covered with reefs, which makes impressions and feelings brighter during the dive. Turtles, octopuses, lion fishes, murry – those will be your allies while diving at this dive site. During the night dive happen to see the Spanish dancers, and in a full moon night plankton caused brilliance is indescribable.

Ras Abu Helal – rags, kur Mēness aug

Diving place fascinates with its diversity – the coral gardens, colorful and diverse fauna residents. One sandy lagoon diving route began in the second – ended. 30 meters is a small canyon. Groopers, turtles, lion fishes and trompetfishes accompany you from one sand lagoon to another. Meanwhile diving in this route you must remember about the presence of currents. Sandy lagoon extends up to 25 meters deep, it takes us to the fabulously beautiful coral gardens, anemones which will allow us to remember the cartoon abot the small fish Nemo.